Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kundalini Rises...Is it Revelation or Realization?

I found myself thinking yesterday about whether or not revelation and realization are the same and I assert they are not. Revelation is defined as "a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way." Realization on the other hand is defined as "the act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact." Revelation may point to a realization, but is not itself it.

Revelation is like the Aha or Eureka moment which many great scientists have experienced, but such revelation whilst giving rise to many new ways of doing things — as natural laws are revealed — hasn't to my knowledge resulted in the realization of the condition that underpins the revelation. Realization produces a state change in consciousness which is permanent and results in Sat, Chit, Ananda (joy, consciousness, bliss) as explained by those who have realized maya. Realization is more of an if it is familiar in some way.
Deep Blue
For sure, there is revelation when Kundalini rises because there is the direct experience of the energy, which was a complete revelation, as I had no idea this energy resided within me. But whether this deepens/transforms to become a realization that permanently alters consciousness depends on many factors. I assert that the practice of being mindful is critical following a Kundalini awakening. Continuous mindfulness or pondering on deep spiritual questions (for example, the Zen system of koans) is mandatory in bringing about a shift of consciousness leading to realization.

Another way that revelation and realization are different is in the experiences each results in. Revelation is often accompanied by an excitement, a seeing of something new and a burning desire to tell everyone what has been revealed.  Realization is an altogether more quiet affair, a kind of slipping into a state, a sense of contentment, a coming home.


  1. In my spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, the voice of The Divine instructed me that I would go through a constant cycle of the following stages with the acceptance of this new consciousness.

    They are as follows in order: Revelation (lesson, eternal truth, new level of understanding), Rejoicing (the overwhelming desire to share the message with others), Refinement (as metal is refined so will the new information be tested by you as will a period of personal alchemy occur in your life), Reflection (a time of solitude to review and internalize your new level of understanding and ascension), Renewal (a further developed comprehension of one's path and a heightened sense of unity with The Divine).

    This pattern has become as natural as the changing of the seasons in my life over the last eight months. It seems to occur in time periods of threes (months, weeks or days).

    The more time I have spent speaking out loud to The Divine (see the vibration post) and listening for His voice in meditation, working with my kundalini energy and channeling the unconditional loving energy of The Source to others, the shorter in time the cycles tend to be. In this case the periods of Refinement are less difficult to deal with as well.

    If I have neglected good practices and attached myself to things of this world, relationships, material goods, career, money, stop having a true relationship with The Divine, don't make time to meditate, then the time period of the steps are much longer. I tend to loose focus and the Refinement process can be very challenging.

    As stated in an earlier post, this entire experience and process is of very little value however if the energy it produces is not passed on in the form of unconditional love to our fellow man. Simply enjoying the personal benefits that it provides keeps the energy at a very low level. The more energy one gives out to others the more energy The Source pours into us. As in all things, we have free will and choice.

    Mary Norton

  2. Nice insight.

    As more Kundalini effects show up over time, it's important to take snapshots. What's happening now! You will see how the NOW changes, some effects being amplified, others disappearing, new ones coming to the fore. The never-ending march of consciousness, as it shifts from the left to the right brain, the Conscious Spirit to the Primal Spirit.