Sunday, May 26, 2013

Symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening

A lot of very good information has been published on this blog about the kundalini phenomenon. I am thrilled to be part of such an erudite and articulate group. I thought it would be interesting to add a post on the kundalini symptoms that I have faced on an almost daily basis.

The energy serpent moving through the spine is the most common symptom and everyone with an awakening reports it. Beyond that however, each individual, with his or her karma and life experiences is witness to a variety of different experiences. Here are some of mine.

In the beginning, when the body began to contort, it felt as if an alien being had descended into my body and was taking it over, like a hand inserted in a glove that was wiggling to get a good fit. I, the observer, was still aware of the activities, but was no longer actively moving the body parts. The two main yogic postures that the body took were chakrasana or wheel pose and a forward bending action when I was seated, making my head touch my knees. Any resistance to this would result in pain. This was a completely new experience. It was interesting to note that the body performs the postures needed for your particular needs, to get the energy flowing through blocked areas. It was not important to know every single yogic pose or become a master. The energy knew where the blockages were and moved the body as needed to fix them.

The most amazing and illuminating experience came from the throbbing of the third eye. The energy did not flow sequentially from one chakra to another, lowest to highest. Most of the activity focused on the heart chakra and the third eye area. There was little or no energy movement in the legs. It was all in the spine, neck and head. My initial experience gave me the feeling of an egg cracking at the bottom of my spine, then an explosion in my heart, both events accompanied by visions and revelations. However, it was only when the third eye started to throb that the altered states of consciousness and revelations went into high gear. By this time, I had begun searching for books, websites and personal accounts on the subject. The throbbing third eye was the equivalent of receiving the rosetta stone to decipher the information in those books.

In the first few months, felt a need to cleanse the body of all toxins. Using laxatives and going on juice diets, taking supplements, I removed all built-up junk that had accumulated over the years. Damage caused by excessive use of alcohol and red meat was undone by the energy and it guided me to assist it in the detoxification process.

Right from the start of this journey, my libido went completely haywire. Initially, the awakening and cleansing was accompanied by an increased sexual appetite and constant thoughts and images of a sexual nature, followed by weeks of zero interest in sex.

A heightened sense of awareness. Usually, we are aware of two or three things around us at most. The TV, sounds of kids playing, maybe a conversation going on in the background. In my heightened state of awareness, I could detect every single thing going on around me. I had the sense of being so deep in the moment — with no intruding thoughts of the past or future — I could sense everything happening around me.

Time started to stretch and/or shorten. For example, two minutes lasted a lot longer during meditation and felt like a half-hour had passed or conversely, twenty minutes would feel as if they were only a few seconds. I would reach the state of 'samadhi' or total emptiness and come back to normal reality in an hour or two, not knowing how much time had elapsed.

A feeling of one-ness with nature. To this day, the first few days of spring brings total ecstasy. I can 'feel' the energy of the new leaves on the trees. Spring and summer are blissful and rejuvenating and winter brings the blues once the trees are barren. I have to prepare myself once the trees start to shed leaves.

I never saw the bright lights that others have reported. However, moments of revelation are sometimes accompanied by a bright blue flash. This is usually a pin-point that shines before my eyes, but a few times, it has been like a blue flash bulb went off.

These are just a few of my symptoms that I have felt or experienced and continue to experience over the last six years.


  1. Hi Vivek
    I am in Bangalore I need a teacher I read most of your experiences in this process of awakening kundalini, can you please help me to find

    Sesha Shayee

  2. Hi Vivek
    I am in Bangalore I need a teacher I read most of your experiences in this process of awakening kundalini, can you please help me to find

    Sesha Shayee

  3. Hi Sesha,
    Since you have read my posts, you know that my awakening was spontaneous. I was not actively looking for it and not following any specific practices. My father had a guru and I suspect some sort of shaktipat may have happened when I was younger. I used to recite the gayatri mantra by force of habit, but nothing rigorous. I personally am not at the level where I can impart shaktipat to others. I am still stumbling through the basics and undergoing kriyas and cleansing. The energy is in control. I am just a witness to the spinal gyrations and other events that occur.

    My advise to you is to look for gurus that offer shaktipat. I am sure there will be several and you might find one in the Bangalore area. I knew one genuine guru in Nashik, where I'm from. He passed away recently. If you search for kriya yoga, kundalini yoga you might find a genuine guru that offers shaktipat. The other option is to buy JJ Semple's great book on the Backward flowing method and use it as an instruction manual and see if that works for you.

    The advise I can personally give you, which I wish I had before this process started, is how to prepare the body and mind for when the energy awakens and takes over. Most of what I have written in the blog posts is applicable. Meaning, good habits, redicing negative karma, daily practice of gayatri mantra, a vegetarian or raw food diet, little or no alcohol or smoking. None of these have to be rigid, repressive practices. Gradually changing diet and other habits, performing yoga exercises, and most important, a daily practice of meditation. Just these practices might be enough, depending on the person's karma, in raising the energy. Even if not, this will prepare the body for when the energy awakens and you will not have to undergo the misery and shock that I had to go through.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to send me specific questions at

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