Friday, May 31, 2013

Spiritual Evolution

How do you explain light to someone born blind? You may use words, but they won't understand. How can they? We naturally relate through past conditioning so if they have nothing to relate to, the matter will remain a mystery to them. If you have had a full kundalini transformation, you will find yourself unable to explain this new state to others. You will try. But you will fail. Time and time again.

Don't bother explaining yourself. You will be persecuted if you do. People are afraid of things they don't understand and base their judgments on their fears. Instead, don't speak about the light; BE the light. Become the source of light and lead the way. Others won't understand, but they will be intrigued, inspired. They will follow. Become special through your actions and others will be convinced. You can speak of riches all you want but once you share them with others, only then will they believe you. Only then will they want to have the riches for themselves, too. This is your purpose. This is why you had an awakening. To open the eyes of others so that they too might see the light as you do. Only then will you be fulfilled. You will find the unity which you seek.

When I first had the awakening nine years ago, I thought I was special. I found happiness in differentiating myself from others and thinking I was more blessed than the rest. As my ego started shedding its conditioning over time, the happiness of being different turned to despair. No one knew or understood what I had experienced. The wonderland I lived in was restricted to myself alone. I was lonely beyond belief with no one to relate to but myself. But something magical occurred. The ego began to shrink, and so did my loneliness. I no longer differentiated myself from others; I related in the most loving of ways. I now see every person as myself and every person is special, like me. I am no longer lonely; for the first time I'm full of life.

There are two parts to the Self: The I and the Ego. The I is found in the heart, it is a spark of the light of the Sun. The ego on the other hand is found in the mind. To test your will, God devised a master plan that requires your getting to the heart through the mind. To get to the God-Self, or the I, you must conquer the realm of the mind.

Duality is found in the mind, in the realm of the illusory nature of the moon. The realm of opposites. Which means that all fears and perceived negativity exist there. The ego thrives on fear. In reality, it exists only because of fear. The same as the I exists to love, the ego exists to discriminate between opposites. It doesn't love others, only the self. The ego is a thought, the same as the I is an intuitive emotion. It exists as part of memory, and memory is found in the element of water.

Our physical bodies mainly consist of water. Therefore physicality is linked to the ego. The ego is a liar. The biggest con the ego pulls is letting YOU believe that you are YOU. In reality, you are not.

Through a kundalini awakening, immense fire is released into the aura. This fire, when applied to the water element, sheds the ego over time. This is why, over time, your memory is purged and you begin to realize that who you thought you were, you are not anymore.

Memory exists because of duality. It is linked to the past. The ego exists through the past. Living in the past, the ego plans the future. In the mind. It creates desires. As the past is eradicated, so is the desire to craft the future, which brings one to the apex of the NOW. The overall purpose of the kundalini awakening is to purge consciousness so that it can exist in the NOW. And once it exists in the NOW, the mind realm has been traversed, opposites have been reconciled, the ego has been diffused, and one slips slowly into the realm of the heart. In this realm, the true Self is found — the I. And with it comes true unconditional love because love is the fuel of the I and the connecting link between Self and other Selves. Therefore, true unity is reached. Heaven has been found.

I perceived with this awakened inner eye, a geometric grid that appeared to my eyes, or brain, like a single unified field of intelligence. I could perceive this field directly.
The Grid-like Fabric of Reality
With a full kundalini awakening, accompanied by the breaking of the cosmic egg at the crown and the awakening of the spiritual body and the 72,000 nadis or nerve centers, the human being becomes the God-self. In an instant. In a flash, the human battery or aura is expanded from 100 volts to 100,000 volts. All the chakras or energy points in the body are awakened, and the light inside pervades all that is seen and felt and heard.

At first, this state is only a state of potentiality. Consciousness has to evolve over time to adjust to this new voltage. Karma from each of the chakras has to be dealt with and purged in order to reach its highest state and maximize the potential what's inside you. As before, the ego is still present, but it is wounded and starts slowly dying. As the ego dies, so too, the memory of who you thought you once were. It takes many years, many painful memories to purge your conditioning — many fears to overcome, many doors to open.

You start in the lower chakras: earth, then water, into fire and air, and finally spirit or aethyr. Always moving upwards. Once you have reached spirit, the battery's power is now integrated within consciousness and the human being becomes tuned to the vibrations of the outside world. Consciousness operates within the 4th dimension, the dimension of vibration with aethyr as its medium. The inside is the outside, the ego is completely diffused, and you are living in the NOW.

You're a God or Goddess in this world as related to the material plane and you are now above it. You have your feet on the Earth, but your head in Heaven. You will die and be reborn in a different solar system with a whole new set of life lessons and forms of spiritual evolution. What those are, nobody can know while existing on Earth in the physical body, but your ultimate goal has been reached in terms of your spiritual evolution in this earthly form.

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