Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few Days Ago I Was Petting my Dog

A few days ago I was petting my dog and suddenly got a very vivid visual flash of Cola Cao.
B&W Dogs Playing in Hiller Park
Dogs at Play — Hiller Park, McKinleyville, CA
I have no idea where this flash came from! Cola Cao is a Spanish milk chocolate drink in a glass bottle I used to drink as a child. Amazing is, I had completely forgotten the existence of Cola Cao.

Yet years later and miles away from my beloved island of Formentera, a flashback to Cola Cao. More extraordinary still is the flash came back with the full awareness of myself at age seven sitting at Consentino’s Café by the beach. I am not just aware of myself, I AM myself at age seven. I am sitting in the chair in my wet bathing suit, my nose is immediately picking up the smell of the green plastic tablecloth just cleaned with a wet trapo. My nose is also picking up on all the other smells in the place. All these smells are separate and distinct as they include the delicious liquid chocolate of my drink as well as the smell of the coffee machine. The frying olive oil smells coming from the kitchen and the smell of the sea and seaweed; the dry twigs on the beach and the salt on my skin and the scent my brother’s wet hair.

I see everything surrounding me with a sharpness and electricity I have never seen before, except in dreams. The Mediterranean blue is glistening, the sand is golden and warm, I am aware of the specks of sand clinging to my bare feet, I can see the details of the sabina bushes and the pine trees, the gorgeous yellow of sunflowers growing in front of the café, and a lonely black beetle digging into the sand.

I have vision everywhere and can see in all directions. I am living an authentic Madeleine de Proust experience! My taste is enhanced, too, as the deliciousness of the creamy drink lingers in my mouth I can simultaneously feel the taste bud sensations of all the people around me including my brother drinking a Fanta Naranja, sweet and acidulated and fizzy all at once. I feel how the drink tastes to him, not to me.

Did I ever feel, see, taste, smell things so sharply as a child? I don't remember; it seems like a vaporous dream.

Yet now, in this instant, things are more real than real and, though belonging to the past, more present than they ever were. The recollection of the Cola Cao acted as a kind of a doorway.

This doorway led me deeper and deeper into more memories and feelings of the forgotten past, each more vivid than the other. I could choose to focus in on one image, for example  a green lizard biting a piece of watermelon on the ground. I could zoom into the image until I had a close up of the velvety texture of his emerald skin and tiny white teeth, or I could zoom into the sound of his body on the sand, or the teeth chewing on the watermelon. I could also zoom into the feeling he had while eating the piece of watermelon with the warm sand underneath and the soft sun warming his back. It was all so exhilarating!

I could also zoom into the feelings of all the people present in the café, the way Maria felt at the time and Consentino and my parents and the kids running around and the tourists sitting at other tables. I just knew how they felt. I could go where I wanted to within the recesses of my memories as if I were a master filmmaker.

Eventually, I actually had to stop as I had things to do…

During the Cola Cao experience my dog sat with me as if she was seeing and hearing with me, sharing my space.

When I do an animal communication, it is quite similar as the present becomes more real than real. I am talking of a communication with an animal that is not in front of me, an animal whose essence I capture as I let my spirit float towards him.

I share and exchange with the animal in this "non space, non time" dimension. If I’m tired or preoccupied, my senses are more deadened, but other times they are incredibly vivid and present. If I am with a horse, for example, I can inhale fully his wonderful scent.

It is all incredibly delicious to experience!

I enjoy those times because reality becomes bigger and more profound, time and space expand and become elastic. There is a feeling inside, a space of eternity, within which, silence is filled with sounds and scents images and feelings.

Double exposure – Parc du Chatelet, Paris
Through the Time Warp, Over and Over – Parc du Chatelet, Paris
I am fully aware at that time of the consciousness of the animal as we share our breaths and our feelings. His thoughts (even though they are silent and different then mine) pulse within me. Everything becomes awake, consciously vibrant.

In those moments, I realize what an extraordinary being an animal is. I realize the incredible vastness of his spirit, I realize the beauty of his soul, I realize the extreme sensitivity of his feelings and the natural flow of his thoughts. In those moments I almost capture what consciousness is.

And, above all, when I am able to feel the consciousness of a particular animal, I become aware within every cell of my body and depth of my spirit simultaneously that EVERYTHING IS ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS. I can bathe within that awareness as long as I wish as I know that as soon as I break the communication, the complete, extraordinary present awareness — that all is consciousness — will fade away and just become an intellectual thought, a notion in my mind… until the next time.

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