Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Serpent and the Garden of Eden

In the beginning was the Word (the I), and the word was God (highest word we use to exemplify the Creator), and the Word was with God.
~The Book of Genesis, which states very clearly that we are all Gods since we have been given the power of the spoken Word.

Then come Adam and Eve: Eve eats an apple, disobeys God, Adam gets upset, nakedness ends, and they leave Eden.

Or is it? We are all Gods, right? Something is off here...
The SERPENT. He who is found in the cause, must also belong in the effect. In other words, find the serpent, and you've found your way back to the Garden of Eden.

Kwali Kumara helps attendees overcome fear of snakes
Kwali Kumara at 2013 UK Kundalini Conference
Now who is this mischievous serpent? From olden times up till now the serpent has been related and linked to the Kundalini. Why?

When the awakened Kundalini travels up the Sushumna channel, through the hollow tube of the spinal cord (which looks like an upright snake) accompanied by a hissing sound a snake might make, this awakening moves a person into a 4th dimension — the dimension of vibration.

We are all a part of it, but a person with an awakened Kundalini becomes an antennae for receiving vibrations from the outside through their spiritual body that is awakened when the Kundalini pierces the crown center resulting in the awakening of the 72,000 nadis spoken of in the Hindu tradition. By awakening our own Tree of Life, the pain body is dropped and consciousness moves past the lower chakras or elements into the three highest chakras where everything is perceived through the Aethyr or Spirit element. This element uses air as a medium so everything that is within our ozone layer is readily perceived or seen by the mind's eye of a person. Hence, the term Cosmic Consciousness as related to Kundalini. A person's aura is completely absorbed into the Aura of the Earth itself.

Now, as we were created, so we create. Through thought. Normal waking consciousness encounters two types of thought. Voluntary and involuntary. Will power and memory. Once the Kundalini has pierced the crown, those two come together as one to form the power of imagination. But this kind of imagination eradicates any past and future memories of the Ego enabling the Self to exist in the Now perpetually fueling itself through limitless creation. Through the Now, the Self sees itself for what it really is. A "Thought Image" in the Mind of the All (God). There is no more need to dream, as you are now fully living in the Dream of the All (God) and through the Word can objectively create any reality. This is Truth. Let those with ears hear.

All is thought, the Universe is Mental. View the world around you as a thought in the dream of God. As God thinks, you are moved. With that He made you in his image. And He made you think so that you can create as He creates. But as we are all thought images in the dream of God, in His head, try to envision the world around you as being in your head. Your eyes stare in front of you, but you are actually looking at the back of your head the whole time. And everything around you is very real, there is no break in consciousness. Kundalini is a gateway to this state, conscious and subconscious united as one. The world perceives what it is, a fleeting image in the dream of God with you as a subject. All fear and pain leaves you in this state, you are held firmly in the mind of God.

Kundalini, when risen to the crown and beyond, brings about the Kingdom of God as spoken of by Jesus the Christ. In this emotional glory, each person is a King or Queen of their own Universe. Every moment is a rapture, all karma is dissolved and one rises above the wheel of karma in its dualistic aspect. The Lower Self unites with the Higher Self and the weight and pain of past memories is erased. By erasing the past, the desire for crafting the future (its opposite) is also dissolved bringing one to the apex of the Now. In the Now, all potential is found, and with it the bliss of unconditional love, which is God Itself.

In order to manifest as matter, God made man through the process of involution. In him He left a spark of the Sun's light so that man may use this spark to evolve into the spiritual body and restore himself to the Garden of Eden. He gave him self-consciousness, the ability to record and play back his memories and dreams over and over, which made man feel unique and special, but cut him off from his Real Self.

By localizing the Self in an individual body, man lost his birthright, the Unity of the Real Self. An artifice, called the Ego, was developed to separate Self from other selves. In order to find Unity again, God devised a painful process — a death had to occur. This death is the death of the Ego. Man's selfish animal nature had to be tested through pain in order for the Ego to die. The death of the Ego is a test of faith. You can't be reborn if you don't die.

Therefore, to all who have activated Kundalini! Rejoice! You are evolving and through this evolution the Ego — the false self — is dying. When the smoke clears, and the pains of the lower bodies dissolve, you will see the Real Self — the Light which is You — and You again will find yourself in the Garden of Eden.


  1. what you quote as the book of genesis is actually the gospel of john, Yeshua is risen.

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