Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IET sessions

Back in 2010 I was introduced to a system of energy healing called Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). Because of eBay policy changes, the person who helped me now works through her website. I have had around 25 sessions at a distance. There are also CDs with techniques that people, who are not trained in IET, can buy through the IET website.

I have them and enjoy working with them. Although I found energy work helpful and I have learned several forms of reiki, I believe IET is better for removing deeper levels of blockages more quickly. The amounts of anger and fear in my day-to-day life have dramatically and quickly decreased.

After a few months of regular sessions I found it  increasingly common for me to experience love and joy without any reason for feeling these emotions. After noticing these positive emotions, my initial reaction was to look for a reason for them. I couldn't find one. As I kept on with the sessions, these positive emotions became stronger and lasted longer. Examining them too closely and trying to identify reasons for the effects tended to reduce the effects. Nevertheless, the more the sessions helped decrease my negative emotions, the better I felt. So between sessions, I started working with the techniques on dedicated CDs.

Finding IET worked so well for me, I arranged sessions for people I knew. The first two people I introduced to IET did not really seem to notice the effects. They received clearings and the work was effective, but it didn't seem to matter to them. They did not seem to value carrying around less negativity. However, the person I  arranged an IET session for most recently had a reaction similar to mine. He recognized that it was something that could save him time on his path. He saw it quickly eliminated problems which had been around for years, that after only three sessions he was already spontaneously experiencing the effects of more positive emotions in his life.

When I realized that it had been over a year since I had listened to the IET techniques on CDs, I decided to listen to them again. The techniques work by installing automatic activations to reactive the processes detailed on the CDs. After waiting so long to listen to the CDs again, this time the feeling of energy was stronger than it had been during the initial times I had listened to the CDs. Part of this was probably due to my working with the CDs during the time I was more concerned with learning the techniques and installing the automatic activations. Impatient to master the techniques, I had rushed the process. Now, revisiting the CDs, there is no reason to hurry. I've had access to everything and have been working with the techniques for about a year.

At some point, when time and finances allow it, I plan to attend the workshops to learn IET so I will be able to conduct the sessions, even better if I was qualified to teach IET. At this point, without further training, I can't really recommend IET sessions to others  — but I would if I could.

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  1. Thanks Tom. I will definitely look into IET. I have been on the look out for genuine help and have only found ignorant people that didn't really know much about kundalini who were useless in giving me any support or guidance. However, I always keep an open mind and try new things. If IET helps me, that would be great.