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Some Myths and Obstacles I Have Had to Deal With - Part 1

Once the Kundalini awakens, it leads the individual to whatever needs to be done by the individual. Personally, I  feel that guidance very strongly. The idea that Kundalini will lay dormant because the individual wants it to is totally wrong. One learns to align oneself with the energy and to co-operate with it, allowing the process to run smoothly in the background. Any attempts to subjugate the energy will create problems as long as they are guided by the very ego the energy is trying to dissolve.

There is no normal life separate from Kundalini life. One leads a super-normal and highly satisfying life in all facets of existence when the work proceeds uninhibited by the ego. The personality achieves perfect alignment with divine will, yin and yang elements balanced in perfect harmony with the individual's environment.

How the energy awakens is up to individual karma. That it awakens is due to the intelligence of the energy — much higher than ours which wants to manifest itself and chooses the right time to make its appearance.

The whole idea of an accidental or spontaneous Kundalini awakening is a myth. As I read more, I started to understand the process subjectively. I realized that the thirst for knowledge in an individual, his or her ability to walk on a path of self-realization, and the awakening of the Kundalini are complementary events. Baggage carried over from a past life or some combination of genetic and environmental factors often lead the person towards these goals.

The person looks for rational explanations for his actions and will give logical reasons as to why he chose to do yoga at a certain point in time and why he chose meditation. The higher consciousness guides the inner spirit to do these things, and when they aren't undertaken at the proper moment, the spirit becomes miserable, inducing states of physical or emotional distress. However, even when these miseries build up beyond the tipping point, it leads to traumatic events, some sort of nervous breakdown, which then guides the individual indirectly towards self-realization. If we ignore it long enough, the spirit finds other ways to make itself manifest.
Sea bird, a turn, high in the blue sky
Soaring High
When people complain about spontaneous awakenings and the horrors they endure, we must understood it is their egos that are doing the complaining.

We are conditioned to living in a comfort zone of what is acceptable and what is not within certain parameters of what we consider normal. When it awakens, the energy has no interest in man-made ideas or boundaries imposed by social conditioning. It wants to correct old patterns of self-destructive behavior, remove limitations and expose the highest potential in each individual according to his or her permutations of physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

In this process, the original ego is destroyed. The analogy of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly or a seed becoming a tree are very apt. The seed has to be destroyed for it to become a tree; there is no separate caterpillar remaining at the end of the transformational process. Both processes change the life-form completely. The dying ego thinks of the body as its own vessel. It wants to cling. It creates stories about the horrors it has had to endure.
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Returning Home
The various religious traditions are very helpful in making the process go smoothly, however, this path has its own pitfalls. All religions are the result of visions experienced by individuals —perceptions of a higher reality that transcend our mundane earthly realm and the perceiver's subsequent written accounts of these experiences.

In the course of so doing, they identify a kernel of truth, which is then surrounded by myth, dogma and rigid ritualistic tradition by spinmeisters, promoters,  and hangers-on.

What helps the Kundalini awakened individual though, is his/her ability to intuit what needs to be followed and what needs to be discarded. It is not a fool-proof process — one does make mistakes — but by and large, when I find a book I like, I soon realize the writer was touched by the divine force in some way. It is illuminating to read the words of someone who has understood, at the very core of his being, what the higher reality is. To glimpse it once is enough for a person to change his life 180 degrees in order to have more glimpses in the future.

Another myth I've had to deal with is people's exaggerated expectations. Thanks to countless descriptions of the supernatural, normal people often assume Kundalini awakenings are accompanied by the immediate appearance of magical powers, where I suddenly start reading thoughts, levitating, or turning water into wine. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kundalini is the ultimate GIGO process. GIGO is the term used by computer programmers to describe the outcome of a software run when the underlying code is bad.

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