Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Letter to Dr. Oz and Wife, Lisa

Lisa & Mehmet Oz,

I'm sure you've heard of Kundalini. But do you understand its capabilities? I ask because my Kundalini experience has deep, biological healing implications. I've written about it in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time.

I realize you get a lot of submissions, don't have time to pursue all of them, especially the more "alternative" variety. I understand that you take a lot of heat for offering alternative healing strategies as options. But...Kundalini is biological fact. Google Kundalini and you will be submerged by a tidal wave of various accounts and theories.

I'm concerned with only one. Mine! You can read about it in my book. In the meantime, here's a nutshell summary:
"When I was seven-years-old, I accidentally ran into a wall running away from some boys chasing me. A large splinter lodged in my foot. For reasons known only to that seven-year-old boy, I hid its presence from everyone. I was taken to Doctor's Hospital in NYC, given penicillin and blood. I drifted into a coma-like state for three months. Then when the wound healed over, I was shipped off to Florida to live with my father. After a while the doctor there noticed the splinter starting to work its way to the surface, so he removed it. 
"When I started school the next year, I noticed that my ability at math and singing (I was very good at both) had vanished. I was also an excellent tennis player. No longer; all my talents had disappeared.

"My body changed, and, as a consequence, my whole persona — through grade school, high school and college — changed with it. My perfect, symmetrical body had changed; I was now asymmetrical, a completely different somatic entity, not only my body, my being as well. The accident affected the way I acted, the way I thought about and presented myself. Needless to say, for the worse, an entirely negative self-image that besets an individual without talent.
Kundalini Meditation on the beach at Trinidad
Practicing Golden Flower Meditation
"When I was thirty, I stated meditating using the method in The Secret of the Golden Flower. At first, I was restless; I didn't seem to be "getting it" or getting anywhere. Nevertheless, I continued to practice. About 100 days in, I noticed a sensation at the base of the spine that felt like the cracking of a small egg and the spilling out of its contents, which began to climb my spine. In one month it reached the top of my head and energy poured into my brain, lit it up. I could see inside my brain, see the third eye, taste the sweet elixir it sprayed on parts of the brain, which, once it touched my brain had an immediate effect on a corresponding part of my body.
"One particular part of the process involved the opening up of the solar plexus and the release of a force-field of energy that shot out from the solar plexus in an arced trajectory to the third eye, which opened like a castanet to receive this energy. Once received, the third eye sprayed this energy on various sections of my brain, energizing and revitalizing various parts and organs."
This energy (Kundalini) has been active 24/7 since that day 40-years ago. What's more, from that day to this time, it has labored to restore my body to its state before my accident. Not the body of a seven-year-old; the symmetrical body I would have grown into had the accident never taken place.

It's ironic; I never talk to doctors about this because their eyes glaze over. I bring the story to your attention, however, because this week's The New Yorker article leads me to believe there might be just enough interest in your organization to pursue it.

So why is this important for medical science? Suppose you accept my account, that the Kundalini energy has been able to reconstruct my body, to restore it to its planned original, perfect state, with all its talents,
as if the accident never occurred. If this is true, where did the plans/blueprints for my perfect body reside from the age of seven (my accident) to thirty (started meditation)? In some ethereal computer memory-like storage? In DNA? In some metaphysical compartment associated with my being?

Shouldn't science explore this, wonder if there are plans for our substantiation? That these plans remain associated with us despite deformation or illness? That Kundalini energy can access these blueprints and then use the nervous system to convey healing energy to affected areas? That this work continues until completed? That our bodies hold extraordinary energies, little known, little appreciated by science because we only have anecdotal accounts like mine that cannot be verified by scientific methods at the time?

That's my story. As soon as the Kundalini became active, it started to restore my body according to its blueprint. Anecdotal or not, I know this to be true because I've lived it. At first I couldn't believe it but after 40 years of observing
it at work in the laboratory of my own body, I do now.

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  1. Excellent post. If there is a chance of acceptance and mainstream awareness, it will be through the likes of Dr. Oz or Dr. Chopra. I am sure awareness will come eventually.