Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kundalini marks the shift from knowledge to experience

This morning I submitted a comment to Vivek's recent blog post about a certain famous guru who has made claims about Kundalini he couldn't possibly make if he had actually experienced Kundalini. After I read his post, I was inspired to comment, so I chimed in with my own opinion.

Feeling justified after I posted my comment, I went to my kitchen and was looking out of the window when the words of my Kundalini Yoga teacher came to me: "Understand with compassion, otherwise you will misunderstand the times." 

What do these words mean?

After pondering a while, I think they underline the fact that spirituality in the Piscean Age was about accumulating knowledge and understanding spiritual writings. So many gurus learned this literature and used its theories to inspire the people who sat at their feet. They knew what the mystics and saints had written. The emphasis was on knowledge and knowing in the Piscean Age, what I dare to call left brain consciousness. There wasn't that much emphasis on experience.

Now we are in the Aquarian Age where seekers tend to express their spiritual longings thusly: "I know I want to experience and I want to experience from someone who has experienced, not someone who simply knows." This desire for experience is a function of a shift of consciousness from the left to the right side of the brain. 

I have limitless compassion for these gurus because I don't think that they set out to deliberately mislead. What I do find completely unacceptable is when they still claim to have experiences which they haven't had and which it is obvious they haven't had as soon as they open their mouths. 

My feeling is that this Aquarian Age is going to demand a level of honesty and authenticity unprecedented in the last age. Not just in spirituality but in every area of life. We are moving to being more authentic and I for one welcome it.


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  2. good post. i agree. The one guru I know to be genuine, Osho, made the distinction between pundits, people that were considered wise because of their knowledge of scripture and all things spiritual and mystics, people that had experienced that reality themselves. Since pundits still reside within the realm of the ego and have not been cleansed, they are subject to the same problems as others, ego, thinking they know better, except, they cannot be convinced that they are just as blind as someone that never picked up a sacred book. Their ego makes them believe they actually know more. I have compassion for all living beings, but those that THINK they know are an obstacle to be overcome.

    It's not just pundits, its also well-meaning relatives and friends who now think of me as a weirdo and bum who doesn't work a steady job, not as an exalted being who has been through hell and still suffers through indescribable misery. But you know what, I wouldn't change a thing. The energy chose the right person. I am totally on-board regardless of what hardships I need to endure. Peace.

  3. Yes, we are like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind people. We are well selected, usually with a fair measure of skepticism and the ability to bounce back when knocked down (probably the result of early family rejection or bullying), able to reinvent ourselves, to peel away useless layers, and to see clearly when the truth comes to the fore.

    At this time there's not a lot of recognition for these qualities. This may change in the future.

    Imagine the President having a Kundalini awakening and needing something more than the DMS-IV has to offer. And suddenly you have Vivek in the cabinet as Secretary of Transformational Experiences. Ha-ha, it may come to pass...

  4. I awoke, only to see that the rest of the world is still asleep - Leonardo Da Vinci

  5. hahaha. Oh Boy. Need to watch all the Hank McCoy scenes from the X-Men movies to get ready for that assignment ;)