Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Myths and Obstacles I Have Had to Deal With - Part 2

GIGO is the term used by computer programmers to describe the outcome of a software run, if the underlying code is bad. It means Garbage-In, Garbage-Out.

Kundalini is a means towards realizing your higher self, devoid of all junk DNA you might have picked up over years and lifetimes. The more effort you put into aligning yourself with it, as the process unfolds, the better the results. Sometimes, this could mean, as it did in my case, giving up a high-stress job in a field I hated and following my true vocation in creative and artistic fields.

I am a much better artist than corporate scientist. I still love research: the more Kundalini-related work I do for my own pleasure — using the scientific method I learned in school — as opposed to research for some corporate entity. The meditation I use now had to be learned using discipline. I still had to discipline myself to pick up the guitar or the camera and learn its basics. Still had to read books and understand the basics of consciousness.

The body along with all its faculties, mental and physicalis the tool we have to guide the process. The cultivation of new habits allows us to discard the old self and permits the new self to occupy our beings permanently.

If, on the other hand, I choose to watch TV, not exercise, not follow my heart or take prescription drugs to suppress the energy, I will not benefit from being awakened. There is no substitute for hard work and total devotion.
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Sometimes, we imagine the path as too difficult, filled with insurmountable obstacles, but that is only a myth the recalcitrant ego wants us to buy into. It thinks the world is the only reality. It doesn't want to give into "weak" emotions. It scoffs at you. Laughs when you want to write poetry. Especially with the upbringing I had to endure, where appearing "tough" was a primal value. 

The transition to being oneself and not giving a hoot who says what has been hard. However, it gets easier each day as I compare myself to the old Vivek and to where "old friends" still are, in terms of their mindsets and mental progress, and where I might have been had Kundalini not intervened when it did.
Pilings of the Jetty
When I look back at events that happened around my 14th, 21st and 28th birthdays, I now believe that my process was preordained at an early age. Certain Kundalini lore states a person's life is divided into seven periods, starting from birth up to the age of 49. When I trace my lifeline back and look at the chronology of events, I realize that significant changes, either in myself or my surroundings, took place around those milestones.

Outside influences such as parental pressure or the company of ne'er do-well types either distracted me or tried to steer me away from my predestined path — my destiny. Nevertheless, I was guided to awaken the energy within.

So here I am, at 38, having gone through an uphill struggle over the last six years, coming out much better than I was before and ready for the challenges ahead, with the new techniques at my disposal to deal with what life throws at me.
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Ironically, obstacles to further progress are often put there by individuals who pride themselves on the years they spent reading about metaphysics, being experts, pundits, dilettantes, or “really into that stuff. The “those-who-were-always-psychic-and-could-tell-how-my-cat-was-going-to-poop-and-when” types. Presuming that they knew allowed them to believe I was one they could preach to, since I had “just started” the process.

Let me correct you once and for all, folks. Please take this in the right spirit (no pun intended). Once a person has seen, lived through, experiencedcall it what you want — once someone has seen "it" even for a moment, whether it be because of LSD, Mescaline, transcendental sex, through meditation, shaktipat, his/her existence will be totally different from that of ordinary folk.

From that point onwards, it's like watching the movie Titanic as opposed to actually being on the Titanic when it hits the iceberg. You get to walk out of the theater when the movie ends; he has to scurry around the ship and hope he isn't trampled getting to a lifeboat, or die in a fire in the engine room.

Please be gentle to the people around you going through this process. One goes through a physical rearrangement that can't be talked about openly. It leads to a better place, but it's NOT easy. Nor does it have anything in common with what's written in books, except as a description. It's like New York City described in a travel article as opposed to the actual smells, sights and tastes experienced while visiting New York...except in this case, it's more like visiting Hogwarts.

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