Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kundalini and intuition

What is the relationship between Kundalini and intuition, and is there one?

Intuition, or what is often called "the still small voice," is our inner teacher, hence in-tuition whose purpose is to guide our consciousness on the spiritual path. The strength of intuition depends on the strength of consciousness and as Kundalini is the direct vehicle for expanding consciousness, it follows that Kundalini is inextricably linked with intuition.

Before my Kundalini rose, my intuition was very much mixed in with feelings and emotions. I would get the urge to "do something," but frequently didn't do it if I didn't feel like it.

This kind of intuition originates from the second Chakra which is why it's not pure, untainted intuition. When Kundalini rises, the expansion of consciousness results in intuition emerging at the level of the sixth Chakra, where it is independent of feelings and/or emotions. Intuition at the sixth Chakra is more instructional, if that makes sense. In stating this, I am not saying that intuition from the sixth Chakra is better than the second variety, but only that it lends a different quality to intuition.

Before Kundalini, the still small voice is very quiet and much of the acting upon it comes with a crossing of the fingers and hoping that things works out. Intuition is part of the language of the soul, as is the mind with its thoughts that tend to dominate until the individual cultivates the ability to be still and listen for the "still small voice." Gradually with enough trust, intuition expands, but in the early stages of the spiritual quest, it is not strong.

Kundalini Meditation is one way to access intuition as the aim of meditation is to quiet the mind, so, as it becomes stilled, it allows one to cultivate intuition. Be aware, however, that the mind has no interest in being still or reigning in its never-ending supply of thoughts. It takes intention, as well as trust to nurture the baby shoots of intuition. In my experience, whenever I trusted it and acted on it, it has worked — but only since Kundalini awakened.

So it is well worth thinking about working with intuition because it is an important point of entry into the language of the soul. After intuition comes insight, incubation, and finally illumination when the glory of the Soul stands revealed.

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